Let's build.

Coprime is a web development agency specializing in building beautiful websites and lightweight web applications.

Our Philosophy

We believe making custom websites to fit your needs shouldn't need to be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. We've spent thousands of hours identifying ways to reduce complexity and abstract away the common patterns in web development so that we can build your website or web application faster, better, cleaner, and cheaper than anyone else you'll find.

Our Work

Living Well Austin

Dr. Mileur and his team approached our partner, Middleway Marketing, for a new website. Coprime delivered a robust, responsive website with a full content management system at a fraction of the cost of a traditional agency.

Our Tech

React, Next.js, Vercel, Supabase, Shopify, Stripe - these are a few of our favorite things. We love technologies that are powerful and flexible, yet simple and intuitive. We've built our own frameworks and tools and component libraries on top of these technologies and we know them inside and out. This is the fundamental reason we can build web apps fast and iterate quickly. We believe most apps and websites built by teams today are an order of magnitude (or two) too inefficient. In other words, what takes them 1,000 hours to build takes us 10-100.

Standard Features

Every website we build is responsive (mobile/tablet-friendly), accessible to those with disabilities, has SEO best practices built in, performs well, and has a content management system to edit most of the content on the website. Quality is paramount, and we do not ship websites with that 'jank' that can be found on 80% of websites today - egregious ads, popups, tracking pixels, etc. We find a balance between protecting user privacy and the user's experience with providing useful data for your business to thrive.

About Me

Coprime is currently a one man show fueled by coffee and sunshine in Denver, CO. Jared Hanstra has been a frontend web developer for over a decade, and has worked at Indeed, Accenture Interactive, and Fuel Made, a Shopify agency. When not coding, you can find him trail running, climbing, or on some other adventure in the mountains.